About the Founder and President

Bill Russo is the Founder and President of Synergistics Limited. He has extensive experience in the automotive and electronics industries, with more than 25 years of experience at driving strategy and performance improvement in Fortune 500 environments.

In his role the first Vice President of North East Asia automotive operations, Bill successfully negotiated and secured government approval for 6 vehicle programs within a 3-year time period with 3 different Asian partners. In this time period, he launched a regional holding company as well as 2 distribution companies. Bill oversaw the industrialization of the first Chrysler and Dodge-branded vehicles in Asia.

As head of Product & Business Strategy, Bill led the integration of 3 key planning functions: strategic planning, long-range product planning and the capital investment plan. He had played a major role in achieving a major business turnaround by strengthening operational transparency through deployment of a system-wide balanced scorecard. His work earned international acclaim and was featured in leading business journals (Harvard Business Review, Controlling magazine).

As a Business Transformation Consultant, Bill has led global cross-functional multi-disciplinary teams in the identification and implementation of business improvement initiatives throughout key value streams and functions. He holds a US Patent for his innovative efforts towards reducing automotive New Product Development cycle time.

Bill is a dynamic speaker and frequently published author and opinion leader. His viewpoints on the China Automotive industry have been frequently published online and his viewpoints have aired on National Public Radio. Bill has also authored numerous articles on corporate governance, performance management , technology management and process reengineering. He has spoken frequently at conferences hosted by the Conference Board, Hammer & Company and the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. He has spoken at 2 Automotive industry conferences at China¡¦s Great Hall of the People.

Bill is a tireless and passionate individual who utilizes his process-driven skills to achieve results.

Bill has a Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University
in Bethlehem, PA, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University in the City of New York